General Insect Treatments

Our minimum charge is $170.00* inc. GST

Greedy Gecko has a simple pricing system for common household insect treatments (not a termite treatment). These include Flies, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Wasps, Silverfish, Fleas, Carpet Beetle and more. Charges depend on the amount of product used, with no hidden costs. Our minimum charge is $170.00* inc. GST (5 litres) which will treat a standard 3×2 (bedroom/bathroom) internally and externally with a carport or patio or 200/250 Squ/m of living area. For larger areas the rate is an additional $20.00 per extra litre used, making the next five litres only $100.00. If you are concerned about costing, ask your technician to notify you once the initial 5 litres has been used. Our product, the application and pricing system doesn’t change Australia wide giving consistency throughout. On completion  you will received an SMS and either a receipt or invoice will be e-mailed to your preferred e-mail address.

Although our general insect treatment is effective on all household insects, if you have any infestation including but not limited to ants, cockroaches, millipedes, bees, termites or you require rodent control or roof dusting, other methods and products will be required at an additional cost. Please see below or call our free call number to obtain an approximate cost estimate.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all our technicians are licensed to inspect and treat termites, so please call us to check availability.

See how we use our precision application technique to keep your windows from any overspray!

Prices may change without notice from time to time.

Check our YouTube channel for videos of our services.

Tina Pearson
Tina Pearson
Informative and prompt attention to inspection.
Abhishekher Kaushal
Abhishekher Kaushal
Melanie Martin
Melanie Martin
Eco friendly products. We get a lot of white tip spiders, red backs, centipedes and earwigs, which is a concern with kids and pets. Been using them for a few years and always great service, great product and friendly. Definitely recommend.
Called to book and they arrived the following day on time, very efficient and good quality service provided.
Les Bamford
Les Bamford
Very friendly, arrived on time and did a great job, I will have them back next year for sure.
Fiona Dejong
Fiona Dejong
steve halloran
steve halloran
Terry did a fantastic job, so nice not to get attacked by Mosquitoes for a change.Would recommend no problem.
Carol Cary
Carol Cary
Greedy Gecko was recommended to us by friends for insect treatment on our house a couple of years ago and we have not looked back. They come out when they say they will and all the staff I have spoken to have been lovely. Craig, Kylie in the office to Kym who does our treatment are so easy to deal with and very accommodating. Thanks Greedy Gecko for your excellent service.
Darren Giancaspro
Darren Giancaspro
After 2 unsuccessful treatments with other companies I was told to try Greedy gecko, I instantly noticed the difference and was finding dead spiders everywhere within an hour. Communication was excellent which us important to me. The technician was on time, professional, and did a very thorough job on what was a very hot day. I was very impressed - I will be using Greedy gecko again :)

Other Greedy Gecko Services

Rodent Baiting Program:

Our comprehensive rodent bating program for domestic housing start from $200.00 includes:

2 x External Rodent Stations
2 x Internal Mouse Stations
Roof Cavity Baiting

We recommend a further station inspection 1-2 weeks after install to monitor activity and re-bait if required. Rodent station inspections from $120.00.

Our comprehensive rodent bating program for commercial properties start from $200.00* includes:

2 x External Rodent Stations
2 x Internal Mouse Stations
Extensive floor plan of all stations locations (numbered)
Comprehensive service record provided after each service.

Extra rodent stations installed $35 each. Extra internal mouse stations $15 each. All stations include bait. Rodent station inspections start from $170.00 excluding bait.

https://greedygecko.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/IMG_0938-e1629686030242.jpg https://greedygecko.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/IMG_0937-e1629685884405.jpg https://greedygecko.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/IMG_0936-e1629685907769.jpg

Ants and German Cockroaches

Price starts from $200.00 inc GST. This includes:

Internal and External
Covers 200 – 250 sq/m or an average 3 bedroom 2 bathroom property
5 litres of product (additional cost of $20.00 for each extra litre used)
Using both safe Pyrethroid water based and non repellent products including gels and granular baits.







Roof Cavity Dusting

Price starts from $150.00 inc GST.

This service is beneficial to stop any infestation of insects including spiders, crickets, silverfish and ants that use your roof cavity to breed, then move into your living space.

Have a look at how our roof dusting is applied here.

  • General insect treatment and roof cavity dusting from : $220.00
  • General insect treatment and rodent baiting (roof cavity) from: $220.00
  • General insect treatment and rodent station install (external) from: $205.00 (1 station. $35 per extra station)
  • General insect treatment and timber pest inspection from: $350.00

*Above bundle prices are subject to completion of both services on same day.

Termite Services

Timber Pest Inspections from $205.00 inc GST

Our termite inspection report will be sent to you via e-mail once payment is forthwith. If you require a termite treatment, a termite management proposal will be issued before work commences. Once treatment is complete a certificate of a termite treatment will be issued with a durable notice to be placed in your meter box following Australian Standards.

Termite treatment drill and injection pest control greedy gecko Termite nest in back yard pest control Greedy Gecko Termite activity in lounge room pest control Greedy Gecko

The different types of termite treatments include:
  • Drill and injection
  • Perimeter treatments
  • Sub floors
  • Construction (Under slab treatments)
  • Timber Pest Inspections
  • Active termite treatments
  • Termite Monitoring Station Installations/Inspections

Major termite treatments and installation of bait stations will need a site visit for a cost estimate (excluding active termite treatments and installation of AG termite stations). A termite management proposal will be provided following Australian Standards as well as a fee agreement that will need to be signed and returned before any service commences. Travelling charges may apply.


For your convenience payments can be made by Visa or Master card (bank charges apply) or we can supply BSB and account details on the day for EFT. If you require an account, this must be pre – arranged with our office prior to treatment. All accounts are strictly 7 days with a signature required and the account will be e-mailed to you after treatment. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

 If you find our general insect treatment is not up to expectations within 30 days, (conditions apply) please contact us. We will return to inspect the property and if required, retreat areas of concern at no cost (subject to all outstanding invoices being settled).

* Brush down existing spider webs 3-5 days after treatment. This is the only visual indication if the product is working. Any guarantee is dependant on the removal of all webs. If they return within a 30 day period, please take photos of 1) the web 2) photo of the area with the web removed 3) photo of the area with the web returned. We will happily return and inspect the property and re-treat any areas of concern at no cost.

* Don’t rub the treatment off. Keep 2 inches from skirting boards when washing floors and when cleaning external windows, only clean the windows, not the frames. 

* Eradication is not possible. We aim for a 80 – 90% reduction of insect activity on any premises.

* Insects become active after we service your property. Some insects e.g. spiders are not usually active during daylight hours due to predators such as birds. This activity is an indication the product is working. Once they come in contact of the treated surface, insects will become disorientated and leave their nest or harbourage area(s). This totally normal and can happen months after treatment.

* Climatic conditions and geographical area determines insect activity. Hot, humid and dry weather encourages insects to become active. This is particularly so in rural areas. Given time, once they come in contact with the treated surface, they will be affected.

* The product is biodegradable. We mix a new batch each time we service a property. Once mixed, the product starts to break down as required by law to protect the environment. 

* We recommend treatment annually at a minimum. Depending on climatic conditions, results may differ year to year. A follow up treatment may be required if a particularly hot, humid, wet or dry season.

* It is not a repellent. Insects will continue to enter your premises through washing, open doors or on people. Active insects e.g. spiders inside is an indication of the product taking affect. 

* You will have fewer dead insects each year you receive treatment. After the first treatment, we expect within 12 months 30% return of insects. After year 2, only 10% return and no more than 5% 3 years and on. This is expected.

* Help reduce insect activity. Placement of rubbish bins and pet food/bedding can dramatically reduce insect numbers. Keep them away from doorways.