Rain Q & A

“It is forecast to rain tomorrow. Do we need to reschedule?”

Our policy is to assess the BOM radar each morning to see if it is currently raining at our first and second appointments and if it doesn’t look like easing. If so, we will contact the customer usually via SMS advising we need to reschedule and provide an alternative time/date. If you reside in a rural area where we don’t service regularly, we will be in contact once we organise the next trip into the area. In some occasions, we can have showers in the morning and the afternoon is totally clear. We will try and reschedule only when we find it is too wet (the surfaces around the building is running wet) for us to provide the best result or if the customer requests to reschedule. Please keep in mind, just because the forecast may say 80 – 90% chance of rain/showers, this can result in 20 minutes of rain/showers at 6am and the rest of the day is fine. We find some customers spend considerable time preparing their property or have taken time off work for our appointment. Therefore we try our hardest to keep to our arranged appointment and try not to reschedule unless totally necessary.

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Does Rain wash off pest control treatment?

“It rained 1 hour after treatment” or “it rained 1 day after treatment, does this wash it off?”

The answer is NO. Once the product is applied to a dry surface and has time to dry, it will bond to the surface and only friction e.g. rubbing or wiping will remove it. One way to check is, after treatment look at your external windows. There may be a small amount of overspray near your window frames. Grab a hose and spray these areas where the residual is present. As you will find, the product will not be removed unless friction is used. Another way is if you have a car located in the garage, and we treated the area. You will find the residual on the car windscreen. Using your windscreen wipers will remove the residual (friction) but using water via a hose will not. This is the same as rain.

As the majority of our customers have an annual treatment. We know it will rain within a 12 month period. So, it doesn’t matter if it rains 1 hour, 1 day or 1 month after our service. It will rain at some stage. As long as the product has time to dry, rain will not remove the product. In fact is some cases where wind and dust are an issue, we recommend to use a light hose to external areas e.g. walls. Dust can cover the treated area and removing this can help rejuvenate the treatment.