Tina Pearson
Tina Pearson
Informative and prompt attention to inspection.
Abhishekher Kaushal
Abhishekher Kaushal
Melanie Martin
Melanie Martin
Eco friendly products. We get a lot of white tip spiders, red backs, centipedes and earwigs, which is a concern with kids and pets. Been using them for a few years and always great service, great product and friendly. Definitely recommend.
Called to book and they arrived the following day on time, very efficient and good quality service provided.
Les Bamford
Les Bamford
Very friendly, arrived on time and did a great job, I will have them back next year for sure.
Fiona Dejong
Fiona Dejong
steve halloran
steve halloran
Terry did a fantastic job, so nice not to get attacked by Mosquitoes for a change.Would recommend no problem.
Carol Cary
Carol Cary
Greedy Gecko was recommended to us by friends for insect treatment on our house a couple of years ago and we have not looked back. They come out when they say they will and all the staff I have spoken to have been lovely. Craig, Kylie in the office to Kym who does our treatment are so easy to deal with and very accommodating. Thanks Greedy Gecko for your excellent service.
Darren Giancaspro
Darren Giancaspro
After 2 unsuccessful treatments with other companies I was told to try Greedy gecko, I instantly noticed the difference and was finding dead spiders everywhere within an hour. Communication was excellent which us important to me. The technician was on time, professional, and did a very thorough job on what was a very hot day. I was very impressed - I will be using Greedy gecko again :)

Our Recommendation: Both Internal and External Treated

We respect peoples personal preference and we will abide by all our customers requests, but our recommendation is a full internal and external treatment. This provides the best possible result for our customers. We use a contact surface product that is water based. Therefore the more area we cover the better the result you will receive. Only having external or specific areas treated will not give a full coverage and therefore can provide a less required result. If you only have external treated, it is highly possible insects such as ants, spiders, roaches and millipedes can start to move away from the treated area and move inside the building. As expected, they will not become affected by the treatment. If we are required to return and treat the internal, additional costs will apply.

General Insect Treatments

Our product is a biodegradable synthetic pyrethroid contact surface spray. It is a liquid based fine mist which is dispersed with a pump action backpack onto surfaces that insects come in contact with. Please be advised it is not a repellent. The insects have to come into contact with the surface for the treatment to take effect. Registered with the A.Q.I.S. (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) for the use in abattoirs, the product is used in Australia on apples, pears and cotton. It is odourless, colourless and safe around your plants and pets. An average property takes no longer than 1 hour with the occupants able to re- enter once treatment completed. We will ask you to vacate while internal application is in progress.

Areas treated include:
  • Internally, your ceilings, skirting boards, door and window frames.
  • Externally, under eaves, around doors and windows, under verandahs, patios, outdoor living areas, outdoor furniture, a base line for crawling insects and even the kennel and kids swing sets. We will treat anything you feel needs treating including sheds and under fence cappings.
  • Please indicate any areas of concern. Our technicians are trained to provide the best value for money but are happy to treat any areas you require.

We are unable to operate in inclement weather. We will be in contact either the day prior or on the morning of your treatment date to provide a alternative date/time. Further information can be found on our frequently asked questions page.

Recommended Preparation: General Insect Treatment

  • Our procedure is to treat both internal and external. If one or the other is not required, please notify our technician on arrival.
  • Please remove any clutter. Our technician needs to walk backward through your premises and safety is important. We also don’t want to step on sensitive objects.
  • Make sure all open food is covered i.e. fruit bowl (a tea towel is sufficient)
  • Cover any aquatic pets including fish ponds and tanks with either an old towel, tarp or old sheet. Please remove once our technician has finished.
  • Cover sensitive objects i.e babies cot and/or change table, toothbrushes and place pillows under donnas.
  • If you are going to wash windows or external walls, do so before we arrive.
  • Please raise any external roller shutters and internal curtains or blinds.
  • For health and safety reasons, you will be required to vacate the building for approx 30min while we treat internally.
  • The product is non toxic to animals including dogs and cats. But if you have any “unfriendly” animals, please refrain them before we arrive.

The temperature determines the speed at which our treatment will dry. A good indication is to check your wet area floors. When they are dry, you are ready to return inside. We’ll be happy to advise on these requirements.

Recommended Preparation: Timber Pest Inspections

  • Please advise our technician on arrival if you have seen any suspicious signs that you may think is termite activity. Any information is valuable.
  • If you have had any previous inspections and/or termite treatments, please have these documents on hand.
  • If you don’t have any documentation of any previous inspections/treatments, please advise our technician of any information you may remember.
  • If you have any locked areas e.g. sheds, internal rooms or locked electrical meter box, please make sure these are unlocked before we arrive.
  • The product is non toxic to animal including dogs and cats. But if you have any “unfriendly” animals, please refrain them before we arrive.

Recommended Preparation: Termite Treatments

  • Our technician may need access to water and power, so please advise the office if you are unable to provide these.
  • Please remove any items e.g. pot plants, shelving etc from the external building walls. Extra costs may occur if we need to move these items.
  • All internal floor traps to the sub floors must be accessible.
  • If you have had any previous inspections and/or termite treatments, please have these documents on hand.
  • If you don’t have any documentation of any previous inspections/treatments, please advise our technician any information you may remember.
  • If you have a locked electrical meter box, please make sure this is unlocked before we arrive so we can install a durable notice on competition.
  • If your building has a sub floor, traps may need to be cut for access. Extra costs will occur.
  • If you have any “unfriendly” animals, please refrain them before we arrive.

Post Treatment/Maintenance: General Insect Treatments

  • Brush all spider webs down with a broom (please don’t power wash) 3-5 days after treatment. This gives you an indication if the treatment is working. The return of webs indicates our biodegradable product breaking down.
  • Wipe down your kitchen bench and any food prep areas.
  • When washing windows, clean the window only. Keep clear of the frames so you don’t remove the treatment.
  • Keep 1-2 inches from skirting boards when washing floors. The friction will remove the product. We recommend using a broom or vacuuming these areas for 1 -2 weeks.

Post Treatment/Maintenance: Timber Pest Inspections

  • A comprehensive report following Australian Standards will be e-mailed once payment is received.
  • Australian Standards recommends all buildings should receive a timber pest inspection at least once every 12 months.
  • A termite management proposal following Australian standards can be supplied at no cost on request.
  • If we find active termites on the day of inspection, we can provide an active termite treatment starting from $250 inc GST.

Post Treatment/Maintenance: Termite Treatment

  • A certificate of a termite treatment following Aust Standards will be e-mailed once payment is received.
  • We will install a durable notice in the electrical meter box on competition.
  • Australian Standards recommends all buildings (if treated or not) should receive a timber pest inspection at least once every 12 months.
  • All drill holes will be plugged once completed.
  • All termite treatments have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. Advice on re-treatment will be provided in the certificate provided.


Rewards Program

  • Introduce a new* customer to Greedy Gecko and you and your referral will receive $10 off your next service.
  • Simply quote your unique client ID located on your invoice or receipt.
  • Refer multiple friends/family members and receive $10 off for each referral.
  • Payment must be made on the day of service to redeem any credit.
  • Minimum cost $170.
  • Valid for 12 months.



*  New means not used our service anytime in the past.