Pest Control Port Pirie

Greedy Gecko (formally FlyCo) has provided Eco pest control services to the Mid North and Port Pirie since 1998. Our general insect treatment that covers flies, spiders, mozzies, common roaches, silverfish and wasps start at $170 incisive with no travelling charges. The product we use is safe enough use inside and outside your property. Our product has minimal toxicity, no colour or odour, no need to re-locate your pets or cover your plants. The product is water based. Your wet area floors will become slippery for about 10-15 minutes. We recommend you wait outside while we treat inside. So grab a cuppa, have a seat out the back, take the pooch for a stroll around the block or even shoot down the shops, we have you covered.

Our recommendation is to have both internal and external treated for 2 reasons:

  • We cover 50% more surface area. You will receive a better coverage, therefore a better result
  • In some cases, insects e.g. ants & spiders can move away from the treated area. This can be inside the building. If we have to return, further costs will apply

Our services are not only limited to general insects, we also provide specialised services such as termites, rodents, German cockroaches and ants. And as we know, the Mid North has a massive issue with these annoying pests. These are particularly hard to control and therefore we need to use other non repellant products including gels and insect growth regulators. We also offer full termite services including all treatments including drill and injection, sub floor floods, active termite treatments, pre construction and installation of termite bait and monitoring stations. No matter what your issue is, we can help.


huntsman spider large pest control Port Pirie Housefly on bench pest control Port Pirie German Cockroach adult pest control Port Pirie

Pest control minus the Eco impact

Here at Greedy Gecko, we use environmentally friendly processes to rid your property of any unwanted guests. The natural insecticides we use are proven to be some of the least toxic available, proving even less dangerous than the ones used in common household products such as soaps and toiletries. Not only does this ensure that the environment is safe from harm, but that you and your family are too. As one of our core commitments, we always ensure that our processes are as safe and sustainable as possible.

You can rely on our team of dedicated professionals

When you hire our team of staff to conduct termite control on your home or commercial property, you get the best in the business. Our professionals use the latest technology and techniques. Established on the Port Pirie for over 20 years, our experienced technicians can solve any issue you may have. If it’s our general insect treatment, rodent baiting, termite inspections or treatments, you can feel confident that you’re getting a comprehensive and reliable service when you choose us.

Get in touch with us today

If your Port Pirie home is in need of safe and simple pest control solutions, look no further than the team at Greedy Gecko. Contact us on 1800 88 39 88 for more information on our services or to arrange your appointment with one of our friendly members of staff.