Pest Control Naracoorte

Greedy Gecko has provided pest control services to the South East including Naracoorte for over 25 years. Prices start at $170 for our general insect treatment with no travelling charges for our rural customers. This covers spiders, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, millipedes, silverfish and more. Look no further than Greedy Gecko, the experts in ECO pest control. We cover all the South East providing pest control from Meningie to Naracoorte to the Mount. Whatever your worry, Greedy Gecko is here to help!

Our general insect treatment is effective on flies, spiders, mozzies, common cockroaches and more. Our product is safe to treat inside as well as outside and is safe for your pets and even plants. No need to leave he premises, but we recommend vacating the building while we treat inside. It takes no longer then 1 hour for an average size property (200-250 sq/m). So, grab a tea/coffee and sit out the back, take the dog around the block or even shoot down the shops.

We also provide specialised pest control such as rodents, German roaches, and offer a full termite management including drill and injection, sub floors, active termite treatments, installation of AG and BG stations.

At Greedy Gecko, we pride ourselves on always providing the very best customer service. We are also eco-friendly, which means we use a 100% safe Pyrethroid treatment with no colour or odour. You can remain within your property while we treat your pest problem, and all our treatments will ensure you family will remain safe and our product has the least impact on the environment as it is biodegradable. For comprehensive information of our prices and service please click here.

Housefly on bench pest control Naracoorte Silverfish pest control Naracoorte Wasps nest under eve pest control Naracoorte

Our pest control services

With a variety of services, Greedy Gecko will be able to solve any insect or pest control problem you may be experiencing. We understand this can be stressful and aim to alleviate your worries by solving your problems quickly and cost effectively. Our general insect treatments are effective and affordable for common household insect problems. For more advanced problems such as German cockroaches or ants, different treatments are required. These include using gels, foams, granules and dusts. We will be able to come in and assess what is needed for your problems and advise you accordingly.

Our affordable prices also mean that getting general insect treatment doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. We are the most competitive in the area as we can offer the best price due to our small overheads. At Greedy Gecko, we value honesty and professional service. We also have a six months’ guarantee on each treatment, so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Contact us today

Don’t let these insects be a pest! If you have a problem with pests or if you require further information on our services, contact us today. Our mission statement outlines that our goal is to provide safe, effective and affordable insect control with a special consideration to the environment, and our first priority is always you, the customer.

You can call us direct on 1800 88 39 88 with any questions or visit our FAQ page. At Greedy Gecko, we are here to help you with your pesky pest problems so call us today and reclaim your home!