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Greedy Gecko has provided ECO pest control Mount Gambier and all the South East for 20 + years. Our general insect treatment starts at only $170 for a standard 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with verandah/carport (or 200-250 squ/m) with no travelling charges. It’s effective on flies, spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, millipedes and more. Our product is safe to treat inside as well as outside. It’s non toxic to pets and plants so no need to re-located your dog/cat (even inside cats) during service and no need to move or cover your plants. It has no odour or colour and you can re-enter the property in approx. 15 minutes once completed. Being water based, we do recommend vacating the building while we work inside as your wet area floors become slippery for 15-20 minutes.

We recommend getting both inside and out treated for 2 reasons:

  • Covers 50% more surface area. Therefore you receive a better result
  • Insects such as ants and spiders can migrate away from the treated area (usually inside the building). If we have to return to treat inside, additional cost will apply

See the video below and how our non invasive, light mist treatment dries in under 10 minutes on your ceiling. The product we use is non toxic, colourless, odourless and you are able to re-enter the building (depending on ambient temperature) within 20 minutes. Treating the total area of the ceiling is unique to Greedy Gecko (we were the first to use this technique). This reduces any area flying insects can land and therefore they usually land on the treated surface. It also catches spiders, silverfish and other insects that migrate from your roof cavity into the areas you reside. (We also offer roof cavity dusting). The long lasting residual takes effect and the insects will fly to the lightest areas of the building to try and escape. This is why you will find most of your dead flies in bathrooms, laundry’s and kitchen window sills.

Not only do we provide pest control Mount Gambier, our SE tech also travels as far as Meningie, Keith, Bordertown, Kingston SE, Robe, Beachport and everywhere in-between. We also have technicians that cover the Mallee, Riverland, Adelaide, Mid North, Yorke Peninsular and as far as the West Coast and west of Ceduna. To see where we service, visit here. If you have friends or family in these regions, we can help with their pest issues.

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Why is Pest Control Mount Gambier so important?

Nobody likes having a home or a workplace that is full of unwanted pests, but why is it so important to hire a professional insect control service to get the job done? There are a few reasons. One is that using DIY products to rid your building of insects doesn’t often have long-term results. Getting a team of professionals in will ensure that the solution will be more reliable and offer better value for money.

Another reason is that some insects, such as German cockroaches, can dramatically reduce your reputation and damage your business branding, not to mention cause embarrassment. Not using the correct products or using them in an incorrect manner can induce resistance, therefore escalating the issue. When you choose our qualified insect control experts, we can conduct a thorough search and ensure that the correct products are used solving your insect problems and allowing you to have peace of mind.

Choose only the best for your home or office building

We are proud to be one of Mount Gambier’s leading pest control services, combining over 25 years of experience with a passion for providing top of the range customer service. Our range of solutions are conducted using environmentally friendly, non-toxic chemicals that take just as good care of you as they do your building. Always aiming to achieve total customer satisfaction, we even offer a 6-month guarantee on all general insect treatments to ensure you feel completely confident in the service you are receiving.

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If your home or office space is in need of pest control that is not only safe but environmentally friendly, Greedy Gecko is the company to call. Get in touch with us on 1800 88 39 88 for more information on how we can help you, or to book a service with our friendly team.