Pest Control Mandurah and Peel Region

Greedy Gecko provides pest control services to Mandurah and the Peel region from only $170 for our general insect treatment. This covers all common household insects that include Flies, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Silverfish, Common Cockroaches, Wasp and more. Our product is eco friendly and is safe for us to use inside as well as out. (see how we can  treat plants with no adverse affects) We recommend having both internal and external treated as the product we use is a contact surface spray. The more area we can apply the product to the better the result you will receive. We have found insects e.g. ants can move into areas where we have not treated and in some occasions, this inside our home.

We know the Peel region has a major issue with mosquitoes. Our 100% safe, eco friendly, colourless and odourless product will relive you from that buzzing sound at night when you’re trying to sleep. No more annoying mosquito bites when you wake up. Our product is also effective under your verandah and patio where it will stop mosquitoes congregating and therefore reduce the numbers in these areas. The residual is effective for months which will give freedom the have those BBQ’s in peace. Using good practice of reducing low lying water such as pot plant overflow and covering water tanks entry points (we recommend fly screen) will help reduce their ability to breed.

We also provide specialised services including Ants (see below), German Roaches, Millipedes, Rodents and Termites. For a full description and pricing, please visit here.

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How to get rid of ants?

Mandurah and surrounding suburbs such as San Remo, Greenfields, Halls Head, Falcon, Singleton and Dudley Park are all known to have issues with brown coastal ants or known by the offical name of the big headed ant. These small ants become a nuisance in sandy areas. They can cause damage by undermining paving, cause lawns to die due to reducing the moisture they usually consume and will enter your building in summer months looking for moisture. They usually enter kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. They are known to be protein consuming e.g. fats and oils. We offer several different options. We can use a granular bait where they take it back to the nest. We use this treatment in external areas. We can use a non repellent water based spray which it is used internally and externally. We provide a treatment for driveways where we use a safe barrier spray that will last in excess of 2 years (see video below). We also treat commercial properties such as child care centres, schools, hotels/motels and almost any building standing

Greedy Gecko service area is from Moora and Jurien in the north, from York and Cunderdin in the East from Albany to Bunbury and everywhere in-between. Our policy is for no travelling charges but we do group book which means we need enough work in the area to make the trip. This allows up to keep our prices down so our county customers pay the same as our metro clients.