Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need pest control treatment and how long will it last?

Depends on what result you require. The product we use being so safe, is biodegradable and breaks down over time. Expect a reduction rate of 80-90% up to 3 months, 60-80% from 3-6 months and 50% for 6 months plus. Therefore if you want a high reduction rate of 80-90% we recommend treatment every 3 months. At a minimum we recommend treatment once every 12 months, but in some instances you may need a top up treatment in high insect activity areas i.e. in food preparation businesses, sheep and cattle properties. The major factor to the longevity of our treatment is UV light. UV light increases the biodegrading process therefore the product will last longer internally. Externally, the natural elements (rain, dust and wind) also help increase this process. Please bare in mind, every season is different and certain climatic conditions can increase insect activity.

How toxic is your pest control product?

The product we use for general insect treatments rate as a Schedule 5 & 6 poison rating; less toxic than many cleaning products used in the home and in fact is less toxic than table salt. It also has no adverse effect on plants or animals. For more information see our toxicity page showing comparisons of Greedy Gecko treatment compared with other household items.

How long will it take to treat an average sized property?

The technician will only take 40 - 60 minutes for an average property which uses a 5 litre pack. Larger areas that use more literage will take proportionately longer. There is no requirement to leave the property but in the interest of health and safety, we require the occupants to vacate while the technician treats inside as your hard surfaced floors will become slippery. Once these areas are dry, you're ready to re-enter your property.

How much does pest control service cost?

This is covered extensively in the pricing link found in the main menu bar above.

On which insects is your pest control service effective on?

Our product is a general insecticide and is effective on all common household insects including flies, spiders, mosquitoes, common cockroaches, beetles, silverfish, earwigs, fleas and wasps. Although excellent on flying insects such as flies, midgees and mosquitoes, we find them difficult to control as they need to land on the surface that has been treated. We also offer specialised services such as termites, ants, millipedes, rats and mice. Check our services page. Remember, our product is not a repellent. These insects are also dependant on seasonal climatic conditions with moisture a major factor.

Will rain affect a pest control treatment?

The product we use once applied on to a dry surface and has time to dry, will bond to the surface and WILL NOT be removed with rain. Only friction such as rubbing/power washing will remove it. It’s not an issue if it rains 1 hour, 1 day, 10 days or 100 days after treatment, it will rain at some stage during that period. It has a silicon like substance that attaches itself to the surface but being biodegradable, it will wear off over time. In dusty areas with high winds the surface that has been treated may be covered. To rejuvenate, a light hose may be required.

Why have I found insects immediately after treatment?

This is usually a sign the insect is dying. Once insects touch the treated surface, they become disoriented and become more active. This can happen weeks even months after treatment. The product we use attacks the insects immune system so although effective, it is not immediate. Spiders may enter your property through washing, or flies through open doors. You may also find certain crawling insects come straight under your door. Given time they will all become affected by our treatment, remembering the larger the insect, the longer it takes. We do not treat inside cupboards, behind curtains or under beds; so if you find there is a problem in these areas, mention this to your technician.

What preparations are necessary before and after a pest control treatment?

Before: Leave all spider webs as this will give an indication as to where insect activity is located. Cover any open food ie. fruit bowl or left out bread. A tea towel is adequate or put away in pantry/microwave. Cover any aquatic pets such as fish tanks or ponds (use an old towel or sheet for tanks and a tarp for ponds). We will ask you to vacate whilst treatment is being performed inside. We recommend siting outside with a tea/coffee and a paper as we will only take 20 - 30 minutes to complete internally.

After: Brush down those webs 3-5 days after treatment. This will give you an indication of treatment durability. Once the webs return, another treatment is required. Biodegradation will occur first externally. Keep 1 - 2 inches away from skirtings when washing floors. Detergent will neutralise the product.

Do we have to vacate the property?

For health and safety reasons, if we are treating internally, we recommend vacating the building until the product is dry. As it is a water base treatment, your wet area floors can become slippery. On average, this will be about 30 minutes. You don't need to leave the premises, rather sit out the back with coffee and read the paper, take the dog for a walk round the block or shoot down the shops. It's up to you!

Do we have to be present during service?

No. We service many houses without anyone on site. Particularly farms, holiday homes or short term rentals. Once the job is completed, our system will send a courtesy automated SMS and provide an invoice via e-mail . If you require internal treated, we will require access directions (lock box, hidden key location) which can be provided via reply when you receive the automated courtesy SMS reminder the day prior to treatment.

Is pest control safe for pets?
All of our products we use are 100% pet safe, excluding aquatic pets (fish). If you have a fish tank or pond, you will need to cover these with either a towel, sheet or tarp. This only needs to happen while we are working within the area. Once we have exited the area, please remove ASAP. We are able to treat properties with indoor cats, cat runs and we even treat dog kennels and beds. I help with fleas, lice and ticks.