Case Study 1: Black House Spider on Baby’s Swing

The following photos were taken in the suburb of Clarkson, Perth, WA. It shows a baby’s swing with a spider’s web on the back. The black house spider is sheltering in behind a lip in the swing. Once treated with our product, the vibrations on the web indicates there is activity and the spider investigates.

On some occasions the product will hit the spider directly, which will affect it quicker but nine times out of ten we treat its web. As seen in the following case study, our product will stick to the web (it has to enter its web to feed) where it will become affected.

Greedy Gecko always recommends to leave all webs up so our technician can then treat and eliminate the insect. We recommend brushing down webs 1 – 2 weeks after treatment.

Case Study 2: Termite Attack!

Termites were spotted coming through the ceiling. With no access into the cavity, we placed termite stations over the active mud trails. The bait was taken as you can see the difference in colour (brown mud within the white coloured bait). Baiting can take anywhere from 1-6 months. This is to allow all insects in the colony to feed and therefore when it takes affect, it eliminates the colony.