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Our product is a biodegradable synthetic pyrethroid contact surface spray. It is a liquid based fine mist which is dispersed with a pump action backpack onto surfaces that insects come in contact with. Please be advised it is not a repellent. The insects have to come into contact with the surface for the treatment to take effect. Areas treated include:

1. Internally, your ceilings, skirting boards, door and window frames.

2. Externally, under eaves, around doors and windows, under verandahs, patios, outdoor living areas, outdoor furniture, a base line for crawling insects and even the kennel and kids swing sets. We will treat anything you feel needs treating including sheds and under fence cappings.

Our product is registered with the A.Q.I.S. (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) for the use in abattoirs and is used in Australia on some foods including apples and cotton. It is odourless and colourless and safe around your plants and pets. For an average property it takes no longer than 1 hour with the occupants able to re-enter once treatment completed. We will ask you to vacate while internal application is in progress.


Recommended Preparation

* Make sure all open food is covered i.e. fruit bowl.

* Cover any aquatic pets including fish ponds and tanks.

* Leave all existing spider webs as this indicates insect activity.

* After treatment we recommend wiping of food preparation benches.

The temperature determines the speed at which our treatment will dry. A good indication is to check your tiled floors. When they are dry, you are ready to return inside. We'll be happy to advise on these requirements. All technicians are registered with the Department of Health and have had extensive training.


* Due to the complexity with regards to the numerous types of termite treatments, we recommend you contact us for any technical information required.